1950's Italian coffee table
1950's Vintage coffee table shopping Milan
1950's Vintage trolley in wood
Antique 19th century table
Vintage coffee table in cherry wood
1970's Pair of italian vintage low tables
1960's pair of original italian coffee table in brass
Tavolino anni 50 con vetro dipinto Ico Parisi
1950's Italian coffee dining table
1950's Gio Ponti vintage low table
1960's Italian low table in macassar with glass top.
1950's Little side table in the style of Gio Ponti
Vintage low table by Romeo Rega
Art deco coffee table with beautiful rosewood top
1950's Mid century coffee table in wood
1950's Italian coffee table in wood
Original Italian Vintage coffee table
Set of three coffee tables, Italy 1970's.
Italian 1960's low table in macassar wood
Uno Kristiansson, teak wood trolley, Sweden 1950's.
1950's Gio Ponti coffee table prod. by Cristal Art
Low table in macassar shop Milan
Table in macassar shopping Milan
1950's coffee table in mahogany
1950's trolley in mahogany restoration Milan
Elegant 1950's vintage trolley Gallery Milan
Set of four vintage tables by Josef Hoffmann
Italian vintage art deco little table
1950's Set of coffee tables Gallery Milan
Vintage Coffee table shopping Milan
Tables in mdf furniture design shop Milan
Small table oriental paintings shop Milan
Vintage table antique restoration Milan
1950's Vintage side table interior design Milan