Elegant Italian 1950's mirror with metal and brass frame.
Italian 1950's oval mirror with brass frame.
Italian 1950's brass framed mirror.
Wall mirror with colored crystal
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
Italian1950's mirror with brass frame.
Italian 1950's mirror with brass frame.
1940's Mid Century mirror for sale Milan
Mid Century Italian mirror shopping Milan
Oval mirror in natural wood, Prod. Officina Antiquaria.
Italian 1950's mirror with a nice walnut frame.
Big mirror frame with engraved figures, Italy 1940's.
Peace", portrait of three ladies shaking their hands
Three soldiers, oil painting, Italy XVII
Raphael Papa, 1930's art deco bronzo sculptor on stone base.
Richard Ginori, 1930's ceramic vase
Spica, Albisola, 1930's modernist italian vase in ceramic.
Mid century original vase in ceramic 1930's
Mid century vase by Richard Ginori San Cristoforo
Mid Century original vase shopping MIlan
Gio Ponti, ceramic vase 1930's.
Mid Century original italian vases by Seguso
Murano vase in glass, Italy 1970's.
Vintage original vase by Seguso
Original vintage glass vase by Pietro Chiesa
1930's Vintage vase in ceramic
1950's Original vintage vase in ceramic
Elegant  Italian 1930's Art Deco vase.
Coat hanger in teak wood and metal, Italy 1970's.
French Art Deco Coat hanger.
Vintage deco photo holder on sale Milan
1970's Italian clothes hangers
Fratelli Reguitti, clothes hangers 1970's.