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1950's Gio Ponti Eight chairs Leggera Cassina
Set of Ico Parisi chairs
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CH30 chairs in oak designed by Hans Wegner
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Ico Parisi, rare set of 1950's chairs
Carlo De Carli 1940's chairs
Carlo de carli and Gio Ponti rare set of 1950's chairs
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Paolo Buffa 1950's chairs
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Joe Colombo, Set of 4 chairs, Kartell 60's
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Set of 1950'elegant chairs
Elegant chairs by Guglielmo Ulrich 1950's.
Pair of Italian 1950's seats with nice bronze feet.
1960's armchair P40
1950's Original Italian vintage pair of armchairs
Paolo Buffa, pair of elegant armchairs in cherrywood, Italy 1940's.
1950's set of armchars and sofa
Elegant pair of 1940's armchairs.
Pair of 1950's armchairs
1950's Italian reclining armchair
Gio Ponti, pair of elegant 1930's armchairs
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1959's Pair of Sanluca armchairs by Gavina
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Luigi Caccia Dominioni sofa for Azucena, Italy 1960
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Cleopatra daybed for Auping
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Italian 1950's sideboard in light oak.
1950's Vintage sideboard
Mid century cabinet 1960's.
Pair of Italian 1950's unique sideboards in cherry wood.
French 1950's chest of drawers in oak.
Bar cabinet based on a central column, Italy 1940's.
1940's vintage highboard
1950's Vintage sideboard
1950's Italian original bookcase in teak
Original 1960's Mid century sideboard in walnut
1940's sideboard vintage gallery Milan
Swedish vintage sideboard Shop Milan
Antique secretair cabinet
1940's Italian vintage chest of drawers
Paolo Buffa, 1950's pair of bed tables
Italian Louis XVI chest of drawers
Vintage design desk furniture Milan
1940's Vintage macassar cupboard
1950's vintage bar cabinet
Vintage highboard storage shop Milan
Sideboard in light roosewood, Italy 1960's.
Mid century Italian Bookcase
1950's Vintage bookshelve in teak
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1960's Vintage design table
Gianfranco Frattini, beautiful 1950's round dining table with a splendid octagonal base.
Mid Century Dining Table in macassar
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Original vintage table on sale gallery Milan
Italian Mid century dining table
1940's original vintage card table by Osvaldo Borsani
Vintage round table, Italy 1950's.
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Rare dining table by Ico parisi
Stunning oval table designed and custom made by Officina Antiquaria.
1960's Italian Pair of modern tables
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Italian Vintage dining table
Vintage Dining table design Gallery Milan
French 1880's table in black polished wood
Italian 1960's dining table Milan
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Vintage Italian 1950's round table
1950's Rustic large dining table
Pair of 1950's coffee tables Attr. George Nelson, Usa.
Melchiorre Bega, coffee table designed for a private property in 1955.
Ico Parisi, coffee table model 735 produced by Figli di Amedeo Cassina, 1956.
Guglielmo Ulrich stunning 1950's coffee table
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1950's Gio Ponti vintage low table
1950's Mid century coffee table in wood
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1950's Gio Ponti coffee table prod. by Cristal Art
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Set of three coffee tables, Italy 1970's.
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Set of four vintage tables by Josef Hoffmann
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Tavolino anni 50 con vetro dipinto Ico Parisi
Vintage low table by Romeo Rega
Art deco coffee table with beautiful rosewood top
1950's Little side table in the style of Gio Ponti
Uno Kristiansson, teak wood trolley, Sweden 1950's.
1950's trolley in mahogany restoration Milan
Stunning 1950's desk table in cherry wood
Mid century Italian writing table
1950's Original Ico Parisi set in perfect conditions
1950's Italian writing table
Mid Century 1940's desk
Gio Ponti, executive desk Designed in 1952 for V.B.
1950's Italian writing table in oak.
Josef Hoffmann writing table produced by Thonet 1906
Pierre Paulin, writing table with metal structure, France 1962.
Ico Parisi, 1960's writing table in macassar wood
1950's desk Gio Ponti De Carli shop Milan
1950's Italian desk with beautiful shape
Italian 1950's console table
Pair of Italian vintage consoles
1950's console table in light wood.
Ico Parisi, Italian 1950's console table in cherry wood
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1960's Vintage Italian console on sale
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Italian 1950's console table in cherry wood.
Pierre Paulin, console table Designed in 1955.
1960's Original Vintage armchairs and table in bamboo
Vintage original Set of armchairs and table in bamboo