Guglielmo Ulrich  Large mirror with polished wooden frame.  Italian manufacturing 1940s
Small mirror engraved with hunting scenes.  Italian manufacture, ca. 1930.
Large shaped mirror.  Italian manufacture, ca. 1940.
Shaped brass mirror.  Italian manufacture, ca. 1960.
Mirror in shaped brass hanging from an original velvet ribbon and fixed to the wall using a brass disc.  Italian manufacture, 1950s/60s.
Large and rare heart-shaped backlit mirror in curved metal mesh with brass details and ground mirror.  Italian manufacture, early 1950s
Table mirror with parchment frame.  Italian manufacture,1940's.
Mirror with shaped brass frame.  Italian 1950s/60s manufacturing.
Mirror with ash frame.  Italian manufacture around 1940.
Elegant mirror  with shaped brass frame. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Large mirror with brass profile. Officina Antiquaria production.
Mirror with shaped brass frame. Italian manufacture, around 1950
Large arched mirror with architectural design.  Italian manufacture around 1940.
Large mirror with beveled mirror plates. Barbini Murano Manufacture 1940s
Colin Morrow, pair of large mirrors with rattan frame.1970's.
Giovanni Gariboldi. Large mirror with gilded wooden frame. Italian manufacture, 1940's
Table mirror in brass with turned base and tilting frame.  Italian manufacture from the 30s / 40s.
Pair of mirrors in woven cane.  Italian manufacture, 1960s.
Small refined mirror with leaded and engraved mirrors.  Murano manufacture, Venice 1930s.
Osvaldo Borsani, round mirror with brass frame.  Italy, 1950s.
Brass framed mirror, 1950s.
Mirror with curved metal mesh frame with two wall lights of the same workmanship with satin glass.  Italy 1950s.
Italian 1940's mirror in a light powder color with nice serpentine ingravings.
Guglielmo Ulrich. Splendid oval mirror made of polished wood, mirror and glass shelve. Italy 1940's.
mid-18th century carved and gilded  mirror
Osvaldo Borsani, rare backlit mirror in gilded wood.  ABV Borsani Varedo manufacture, 1940's.
Pierluigi Colli, rare sculptural mirror framed with oak and mirrored crystal glass, Italy 1940's.
Italian 1940's mirror frame in polished wood.
Large mirror with brass frame. This large mirror is custom produced after his original design by Ponti in the 1950's.
Oval mirror in natural wood, Prod. Officina Antiquaria.
Italian 1950's mirror with a nice walnut frame.
Big mirror frame with engraved figures, Italy 1940's.
Elegant Italian 1950's mirror with metal and brass frame.
Italian 1950's oval mirror with brass frame.
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
Italian 1950's brass framed mirror.
Large 1930's mirror with grinded wood frame and geometrical engravings.
Mid Century Italian mirror shopping Milan
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
Mirror with wavy brass frame, 1950s.
Wall mirror with engravings of zodiac signs, made of crystal and wood. Italy, 1940.