Large mirror with brass profile. Officina Antiquaria production.
Mirror with shaped brass frame. Italian manufacture, around 1950
Large arched mirror with architectural design.  Italian manufacture around 1940.
Large mirror with beveled mirror plates. Barbini Murano Manufacture 1940s
Colin Morrow, pair of large mirrors with rattan frame.1970's.
Pair of triangular teak mirrors. Denmark, 1960s
Giovanni Gariboldi. Large mirror with gilded wooden frame. Italian manufacture, 1940's
Elliptical shaped mirror in teak. Denmark, 1960s
Table mirror in brass with turned base and tilting frame.  Italian manufacture from the 30s / 40s.
Pair of mirrors in woven cane.  Italian manufacture, 1960s.
Small refined mirror with leaded and engraved mirrors.  Murano manufacture, Venice 1930s.
Three round mirrors with wooden frame in hand polished teak wood.  Scandinavian manufacture, 1960s.
Luigi Fontana (1881-1958)  Elegant glass and beveled mirrored frame with colored glass profiles.  Fontana Arte 1940's manufacture.
Osvaldo Borsani, round mirror with brass frame.  Italy, 1950s.
Brass framed mirror, 1950s.
Mirror with curved metal mesh frame with two wall lights of the same workmanship with satin glass.  Italy 1950s.
Mirror with teak frame, Scandinavia, 1960s.
Italian 1940's mirror in a light powder color with nice serpentine ingravings.
Guglielmo Ulrich. Splendid oval mirror made of polished wood, mirror and glass shelve. Italy 1940's.
mid-18th century carved and gilded  mirror
Osvaldo Borsani, rare backlit mirror in gilded wood.  ABV Borsani Varedo manufacture, 1940's.
Pierluigi Colli, rare sculptural mirror framed with oak and mirrored crystal glass, Italy 1940's.
Italian 1940's mirror frame in polished wood.
Wall mirror with colored crystal
1940's Mid Century mirror for sale Milan
Italian1950's mirror with brass frame.
Italian 1950's mirror with brass frame.
Oval mirror in natural wood, Prod. Officina Antiquaria.
Italian 1950's mirror with a nice walnut frame.
Big mirror frame with engraved figures, Italy 1940's.
Elegant Italian 1950's mirror with metal and brass frame.
Italian 1950's oval mirror with brass frame.
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
Italian 1950's brass framed mirror.
Large 1930's mirror with grinded wood frame and geometrical engravings.
Mid Century Italian mirror shopping Milan
1950's Italian mirror with brass frame.
Mirror with wavy brass frame, 1950s.
Wall mirror with engravings of zodiac signs, made of crystal and wood. Italy, 1940.
Noel Quintavalle (Ferrara 1893 - Alassio 1977)  Three young woman having a bath at the river.   Oil painting on panel, signed and dated 1958.
Peace", portrait of three ladies shaking their hands
Three soldiers, oil painting, Italy XVII
Pair of lacquered and gilded wood angels holding a cornucopia with a gilt metal crown.  Central Italy, Baroque period, second half of the 17th century.
Raphael Papa, 1930's art deco bronzo sculptor on stone base.
Two angels made of carved Carrara marble,.  Florence, Italy 1830's.
Three vases in colored burnished glass, Murano
Pair of ceramic hands. Rosenthal production, Italy, 1930s
Pair of vases in colored burnished glass, Murano
Decorated ceramic vase.  Inge Lise Koefoed for Royal Copenhagen, 1960s.
Rare centerpiece plate in painted ceramic.  San Polo Venice, 1950s.
Colored ceramic vase with braided rope motif at the base.  France, 1930s.
Giovanni Gariboldi  Rare colored ceramic vase with love knot.  Richard Ginori manufacture, 1940s.
Colored ceramic vase.  Prod. Galvani, Pordenone, Italy 1960s.
Pair of colored ceramic vases.  France 1960s.
Ceramic vase with checkerboard decoration.  Velletri manufacture, Rome, 1950s.
Ettore Sottsass, pair of vases from the 'Onde' series in white majolica.  Produced by Società Ceramica Toscana for Il Sestante, Milan, 1969.
Salviati Venezia, lattimo glass vase in a light pink color with gold leaf powder.  Salviati & C, Murano 1970s.
Gio Ponti, small ceramic vase.  Prod. Richard Ginori, 1930s
Seguso Murano, small blown glass vase.  Signed Seguso Murano.
De Majo Murano, small blown glass vase model 9731.
Ludovico Diaz de Santillana, blown glass bottle with incalmo collar.  Prod. Venini, 1970s.
Vittorio Zecchin, Veronese vase in lilac-colored blown glass, Prod. Venini, Murano 1970s.
Gio Ponti. Decorated ceramic vase. Manufactured by Ginori, 1970s.
Murano, 20th century, egg-shaped vase in iridescent glass.
Green glazed ceramic vase with concentric orange and gray decorative bands. Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Gio Ponti, single flower vase in silver plated metal. Prod. Arthur Krupp Silverware, Milano.
Giovanni Gariboldi, red ceramic vase. Prod. Doccia, signed underneath, 1930's.
Giovanni Gariboldi, Richard Ginori, pair of vases and a bowl. Prod. San Cristoforo, Milan, 1935.
Gio Ponti, Richard Ginori, oval vase, Prod. San Cristoforo, Milan, 1930's.
John K.Hayle, set of colored glasses, Germany 1960's.
Manifattura Murano, Fazzoletto vase in layered glass.
Mold for a Fontana Arte vase, Italy 1930's.
Original vintage glass vase by Pietro Chiesa
Murano manifacture, vase in translucent light green blown glass inspired by the "Libellula" model by Vittorio Zecchin.
Vittorio Zecchin, "Veronese" model vase in transparent blown glass of amethyst.
Richard Ginori, 1930's ceramic vase
Mid century original vase in ceramic 1930's
Mid Century original vase shopping MIlan
Gio Ponti, ceramic vase 1930's.
Mid Century original italian vases by Seguso
Vintage original vase by Seguso
1930's Vintage vase in ceramic
Art Deco ceramic vase with silver decorations.  French manufacture, 1930's.
1950's Original vintage vase in ceramic
Elegant  Italian 1930's Art Deco vase.
Spica, Albisola, 1930's modernist italian vase in ceramic.
Mid century vase by Richard Ginori San Cristoforo
Fenice Albisola, stunning 1930s ceramic vase marked "Fenice Albisola 41".
Murano vase in glass, Italy 1970's.
Achille Castiglioni 1975, Colored ceramic vases in fine opaque paste. Compasso d'oro award label
Elegant magazine rack in dark wood.  Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Stand ashtray with black painted steel rod and brass details.  Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Roger Feraud. Rare clothes hanger in metal and brass. French manufacture, 1950
Gio Ponti, splendid 1930's sailing ship in shaped wood.
screen vintage 1900
Two table frames in shaped blond maple wood.  Italy in the 30s.
Wood and brass coat hanger, attr. Ico Parisi, 1950s.
Coat hanger in teak wood and metal, Italy 1970's.
A splendid valet by Luigi Caccia Domnioni.Prod. Azucena, 1958 ca.
Mathieu Matègot, perforated and colored metal magazine rack or bottle holder with enamelled iron handle and foot.  French 1950s manufacture.
Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Umbrella stand. Azucena, 1980
Table globe with glass sphere illuminated inside and with adjustable lens. Cartes Taride, Paris, 1950's.