Pair of large wall lights in colored metal and brass.  Stilnovo manufacture around 1950.
Pair of wall lights in wood and brass with glass lampshade. Italy, 1950's
Telescopic lamp with counterweight and extendable arm. Stilux Milan, 1950's.
Gaetano Scolari. Rare telescopic lamp mod. 2061. Stilnovo production, 1954
Two reading lamps in burnished brass with adjustable arm. Manufactured by Arredoluce, 1950s.
Tito Agnoli (1931-2012)  Rare extendable wall lamp OLuce 1960's.
Pair of Scandinavian wall lights in curved brass.  Prod. Falknbergs, Sweden 1960's.
Pair of brass sconces with original shaped lampshades.  Milan, 1950s.
Hans-Agne Jackobsson, 4 sconce wall lights mod. V-324 in brass.  Prod. Hans-Agne Jackobsson AB Markaryd, Sweden 1960's.
Extensible lamp with with brass stem and black painted metal shade.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Wall lamp with adjustable arm and extendable stick.  Painted metal and brass, France 1950s.
1930's Pelugoso glass wall lamp on a painted metal base, prod. Barovier & Toso.
Stilnovo, 1950's wall lamp with adjustable arm and metal grid lampshade.
Stilnovo, rare 1950's adjustable wall light in painted metal and brass.
!950's Italian extensible lamp with metal shade.
1950's wall lamps by Angelo Lelli
Pair of wall lamps with articulated brass arms and lacquered metal cones.  Italian manufacture 1950s.
Pair of rare 1930's wall lights
Set of four Italian 1950's wall lights
Pair of sconces clamp with perforated brass cones, 1950ca.
Carlo Scarpa, pair of splendid 1960's"Poliedri"wall lights
Luigi Caccia Dominioni, pair of 6 LP11 wall lights
Wall lamp, brass and metal lacquered, Italy 1950's.