Tito Agnoli (1931-2012)  Rare extendable wall lamp OLuce 1960's.
Pair of metal and brass wall lights with curved perplex shade.  Stilux Milan manufacture, 1960's.
Pair of sconces clamp with perforated brass cones, 1950ca.
Pair of Scandinavian wall lights in curved brass.  Prod. Falknbergs, Sweden 1960's.
Pair of brass sconces with original shaped lampshades.  Milan, 1950s.
Pair of sconce wall lights in curved brass.  Prod. Falkenbergs, Sweden 1960's.
Hans-Agne Jackobsson, 4 sconce wall lights mod. V-324 in brass.  Prod. Hans-Agne Jackobsson AB Markaryd, Sweden 1960's.
Extensible lamp with with brass stem and black painted metal shade.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Wall lamp with adjustable arm and extendable stick.  Painted metal and brass, France 1950s.
1930's Pelugoso glass wall lamp on a painted metal base, prod. Barovier & Toso.
Stilnovo, 1950's wall lamp with adjustable arm and metal grid lampshade.
Stilnovo, rare 1950's adjustable wall light in painted metal and brass.
!950's Italian extensible lamp with metal shade.
1950's wall lamps by Angelo Lelli
Pair of wall lamps with articulated brass arms and lacquered metal cones.  Italian manufacture 1950s.
Pair of rare 1930's wall lights
Set of four Italian 1950's wall lights
Carlo Scarpa, pair of splendid 1960's"Poliedri"wall lights
Luigi Caccia Dominioni, pair of 6 LP11 wall lights
Wall lamp, brass and metal lacquered, Italy 1950's.
Stilnovo. Adjustable chandelier with brass counterweight, lampshade in perspex and brass. Manufactured in the late 60's.
Set of four ceiling lamps with painted metal shade and brass cup.  1960's Italian manufacture.
Rare 6-light adjustable chandelier in lacquered metal and brass with counterweight and pulleys.  Italian manufacture, 1940's.
Set of four ceiling lamps with painted metal shade and brass cup.  1960's Italian manufacture.
Rare suspension lamp with six adjustable brass arms and painted metal diffusers.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Carl Fagerhult, rare pair of small diamond-shaped chandeliers in gray / green ground glass with transparent glass crown inside and brass wire guide.  Orrefos production, Sweden, 1960s.
Pair of pendant chandeliers with wooden stem and red blown glass diffuser.  Scandinavia, 1950s.
Pair of chandeliers with dark green metal structure and brass details. White glass curved inside.  Manifactured by Casa & Giardino, Milano, 1930s.
Gino Sarfatti, Sputnik ceiling lamp with 14 lights in brass and painted metal. Arteluce 1950's. 
Pietro Chiesa, large chandelier in curved glass with brass stem. Fontana Arte, 1940s.
Hans A. Jacobsson, set of four pending lamps in brass and blown glass.  Prod. Haj, Stockholm Sweden, 1960s.
Rare pair of 1960's ceiling lamps in brass, Bergoms, Sweden.
Set of 3 pendant lamps in brushed copper and lacquered aluminum, 1950s.
Stilnovo, six-light chandelier with drop-shaped opaline glass diffusers with brass ends.
Five large Murano glass chandeliers with 24 barrel glasses.  Venini Manufacture, Murano 1960's.
Stilnovo, 1950's refined ceiling lamp in metalwork with brass details and three white opaline glass bowls
Pair of pendant brass lamp and silk hat, Sweden 1960ca
Alvar Aalto rare ceiling light
Stilnovo 1950's ceiling lamp in brass and metal with 6 opal glass lights.
Hanging lamp with 3 glasses, Vistosi 1950ca.
H.Agne Jacobsson, set of wonderful lights in brass, Sweden 1950's.
Hans Agne Jakobsson, Ceiling lamp Model T604 produced by Hans Agne Jakobsson AB.  Polished brass structure and white silk fringe Sweden, 1965/1966
Gino Sarfatti, pair of very elegant adjustable ceiling lamps in brass with silk top, Arteluce 1940's.
Stilux Milano Table lamp in painted metal and perplex and marble base.  Italian manufacture, 1950s
Gino Sarfatti, rare table lamp called "mushroom" model 534/4 with five lights.
H.Agne Jacobsson, rare 1950's adjustable table lamp in painted metal with wooden stem.
H.Agne Jacobsson, pair of 1960's elegant table lamps with silk shade.
Italian 1960's table lamp in brass with adjustable shade.
Table lamp with lacquered metal shade and brass stem.  Italy, 1950s.
Extraordinary table lamp with brass base and two-colored very original metal stems. Beautiful original perforated paper hat in good condition.  Turin School 1950's.
Fontana Arte, pair of red and green reading lights with leather stem and thick cryatal glass base. Attr. Pietro Chiesa, Italy 1930's.
Pair of 1960's little table lamps with silk shade.
Ercole Barovier, unique pair of 1940's table lamps with light green and gold Murano glass stem.
Hans-Agne Jakobsson Model B195/2 table lamp  Produced by Hans Agne Jakobsson AB Brass structure Sweden, 1960s
Giuseppe Ostuni, unique 1950's table lamp with metal painted top, brass stem and a nice marble base. Prod. Oluce.
Table lamp with green blown glass base and silk top.   John K.Hayl, Germny 1960's 
Stilnovo, rare table lamp with metal and brass top and curved glass shade, three metal legs with brass tips.1950
Stilux, rare italian 1950's table lamp
Ettore Sottsass, table lamp with painted ceramic base.  Signed Ettore Sottsass, 1962.
Joe Colombo, Spider desk lamp for O'LUCE, white. 1960's
Italian table lamp in metal and glass, 1950s.
"Piramide" table lamp by A.Montagna Grillo and A.Tonello. Produced for High Society, 1972.
Small brass and metal table lamp, France 1930ca
Koerting Mathiesen, rare table lamp in red baquelit, Germany 1930's.
Rare table lamp in baquelit, signed "Jumo", France 1930's.
Table lamp in Carrara marble and lacquered aluminum. Achille &Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.  Prod. Flos, 1967 ca.
Angelo Lelli, table lamp with leather stem and painted metal, 1956. Bibl. Arredoluce catalogo ragionato, Anty Pansera.pag 171
Stilnovo, table lamp with structure in brass and lacquered metal.
Adjustable floor lamp.  Stilux Milano, 1955ca.
Pair of Swedish floor lamps in brass and fabric lampshade.  Produced by ASEA.  Sweden, 1940s
Hans-Agne Jakobsson, pair of 1950's floor lamps mod. G-154 in brass. Sweden, 1950s.
Pair of 1950's Scandinavian Bergboms floor lamps in brass.
Floor lamp with brass telescope stem that can be oriented in all directions. Cone e, lacquered metal base.  In the style of a model designed by Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce, 1950's
Stilux, adjustable floor lamp with painted metal shade and marble base. Prod.Stilux Milano, 1950's.
Arredoluce, 1950's floor lamp in brass with three adjustable metal shades and elegant tips in wood.
Floor lamp with marble base, brass stem and double diffuser in painted metal.  Prod. Lumen, 1950ca.
Reading lamp with lacquered metal shade and chromed metal stem.  Harvey Guzzini manufacture, Recanati, 1960's.
Floor lamp in metal and copper, with marble base.  Prod. Fog and Mørup, Denmark, 1960s.
Stilnovo, floor lamp in anodized and painted metal with fabric lampshade.  Model 4072.1950s.  Original manufacturer label.
Stilnovo, floor lamp with articulated brass arm, adjustable in height and in all directions, painted metal shade and marble base.  Stilnovo brand, 1955.
Tito Agnoli, metal and brass floor lamp with marble base and black and white methacrylate hat.  Produced by Oluce 1955.
Tyringe Konsthantverk, floor lamp in brass.  Sweden 1960's.
Hans Pherson, pair of brass lamps with adjustable shade. Sweden early 1960s.
Reading floor lamp with cone diffuser in painted metal and marble base.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Hans-Agne Jakobsson  Floor lamp mod. G-154 in brass.  Prod. Hay, Sweden, 1950s.
Stilnovo, a rare floor lamp with a brass structure and fabric lampshade
Stilux Milano, early 1960's floor lamp with painted metal stem and three bulb lights in glass and metal.
Rare Swedish floor lamps in brass produced by Bergoms Sweden in 1960's.
Stilux 1950's floor lamp in metal and brass with painted shade and marble base. Original stamp inside.
Luigi Caccia Dominioni, floor lamp mod. "Double Balloon" in brass, frosted glass and marble base. Prod. Azucena, 1958.
Arredoluce, rare 1950s floor lamp in orange coated glass, with round brass base.
Art Deco floor lamp with a small shelf,
Italian 1960's floor lamp with base made of three metal supports and paper lampshade.
Stilnovo, 1960's floor lamp in brass and polished metal with marble base.
Large floor lamp with wooden stem and parchment lampshade, 1940s.
Floor lamp in metal and brass stem with marble base , Italy 1950
H.Agne Jacobsson, Sweden very rare 1950's floor lamp in btass with silk hair shade.
Grasshopper vintage lamp
Stilnovo, 1950's floor lamp with brass and lacquered metal structure, marble base and opal glass diffusers.
Stilux Milano, floor lamp with metal and brass stem, six opaline glass sphere lights and marble base.  Stilux Milan, 1960s.