Gianfranco Frattini (1926-2004) Pair of coffee tables with 2 drawers and two uprights.  Bernini manufacture, Italy 1957.
Brass coffee table Italian 1960-70s manufacturing.
Pair of bedside tables in walnut with marble base and brass column uprights.  Italian manufacture around 1960s.
Low table with wooden and slate top, one compartment under the central wooden top and two side shelves.  Italian manufacture around 1960s.
Low table in teak wood. Italian manufacture, 1950's
Duilio Barnabè. Coffee table with crystal top and back painted in enamel. Produced by Fontana Arte, 1960s
Carlo de Carli, Renato G. Angeli, and Luigi Claudio Olivieri, "Ragno" coffee table in beechwood and glass, Italy, 1950's. 
Large living room table covered in straw with mirrored glass top.  Vivai del Sud manufacture, around 1970.
Vintage Coffee table shopping Milan
Paolo Buffa, rare 1940's coffee table in maple wood with star inlays in brass, iconic of his most refined pieces.
Large low table in light wood with ground glass top and wooden top.  Italian manufacture, around 1950.
Melchiorre Bega, rare coffee table with legs made of turned wood and brass cross, crystal top
Unique trolley in oak with tray top and large wheels.   Turin school, 1940s manufacture.
Italian 1950's elegant coffee table,with fine elegant bronze tips and marble top.
Pair of wooden bedside tables with glass top and brass tips. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Italian 1950's coffee table with a nice triangular base.
Living room table in imitation bamboo wood with turned and burnished brass corners. Two shades in ground smoked glass.  Italian 1970s manufacture.
Italian 1960's low table in macassar wood
Pair of brass and wood bedside tables with marble tops.  Italy, 1920s / 1930s.
1950's coffee table in mahogany
Pair of large side tables in curved wood and woven rush.  Italian manufacture around 1960.
Nice Italian-made coffee table made of wood and lacquered metal, 1950s.
Melchiorre Bega, coffee table with four-star brass base, turned wood frame and marble top.  Bega & C. Bologna, Italy 1950s.
Ico Parisi. Low table with wooden base and glass top. Cassina production, 1958.
Gianfranco Frattini (1926-2004)  Rare low center table with 4 drawers and two uprights.  Bernini manufacture 1957.
Armando Melis de Villa  Side table in polished wood with curved metal leg.  Designed for the Royal insurance company of Turin.  Italian manufacture, 1930's.
Elegant low table in polished wood with ground glass top and slatted shelf.  Italian manufacture, around 1950.
Osvaldo Borsani, pair of 1950's wall mount bedside tables.
Elegant low table with brass structure and thick moulded crystal glass top.  Italian manufacture, around 1970.
Coffee table in lacquered metal with mirrored top and jointed glass shelves.  Italian manufacture,1970's.
Unique pair of center tables in walnut with crystal glass top and sides openings, nice brass tips.  Attributed to Gio Ponti 1950's
Piero fornasetti, 1960's low table with decorated top.
Low table tables with satin black metal structure, glass top resting on a brass frame.
Mario Sabot. Low table in lacquered wood with central shaped bottle holder in brass. Sabot prod 1970's.
Ico Parisi, pair of Parisi 1 series bedside tables in rosewood. Spartaco Brugnoli manufacture, 1960's.
Paolo Buffa, 1950's pair of bed tables with glass top and bronze tips and one drawer inside.
Mattia Frignani. Two bronze tables mod. Selenee. Italian manufacture, 2000's.
Charles and Ray Eames. Pair of coffee tables with rosewood top. Evans Products/Herman Miller, late 1940s
Low table with curved wooden base. Italian manufacture, 1970's.
Osvaldo Borsani. Low table in walnut with top in wood and glass. ABV Borsani Varedo manufacture, 1940's
Small storage unit and central leg in metal. Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Pair of wooden tables. Italian manufacture, 1950's
Coffee table in marble and brass. Italian manufacture, 1950s
Luigi Sremin, "Orpheus at the Temple".  Coffee table with high quality inlays on a shaped top.   Venice, 1950's.
Giuseppe Scapinelli. Wooden coffee table. Brazil, 1950's.
Pair of 1950's coffee tables Attr. George Nelson, Usa.
Ico Parisi, side tables model "360", produced by De Baggis Cantù, 1954.
Pair of coffee tables in cherry wood with thick glass top.  Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Melchiorre Bega wooden coffee table with parchment top. Italian manufacture, 1950s
Pair of unique oval-shaped bedside tables with metal and lacquered wood structure, double top in glass. Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Gianfranco Frattini. Set of 4 modular coffee tables. Cassina, 1966
Pair of brass tables with two shelves in gray / blue glass.  Italian manufacture, 1970s.
Pair of rattan and curved bamboo coffee tables with two ground glass shelves.  1960's Italian manufacture.
Giuseppe Scapinelli, large coffee table with organically shaped structure in rosewood and glass top, 1960s.
Pair of coffee tables in wood and glass, attr. Osvaldo Borsani, 1950's.
Ico Parisi (1916-1996)  Low table in walnut with swivel shaped structure and swivel glass top with steel and wood handle.1958
Italian 1950's trolley in walnut with brass details and crystal glass shelves.
Ilmari Tapiovaara, low table in teak wood and brass details. Production by La Permanente Mobili, Cantù, 1957.
Very elegant Art Deco low table in rosewood with goat skin top.  France 1930's.
Pair of 1970's Italian coffee tables in bamboo with top in "Travertino" stone.
Serving trolley in wood and brass with double glass top and bottle compartments.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Low table in blond walnut with compartments and drawers on the sides and bar compartment in the central part with brass box on one side.  Claudio Salocchi for Sormani, 1960s.
Romeo Rega, coffee table in chromed metal and brass, with burnished glass top.
Duilio Barnabè known as Dubè (1914-1961)  Coffee table with metal and brass structure with thick glass top curved and ground along the edges and back painted in enamel. Fontana Arte 1950s
Duilio Barnabè known as Dubè (1914-1961) Coffee table with thick glass top and back painted in enamel. Fontana Arte 1950s
Edoardo Gellner, unique 1950's small library with two original light green lights in brass and metal.
Coffee table with metal with nice Cuban mahogany top.  Saporiti Italia, 1960's.
Adjustable coffee table in mahogany. Italian manufacture, 1950's
Antique 19th century table
Luigi Caccia Dominioni 1970's Pair of vintage tables
Coffee table with opaline glass top and aluminum legs with brass ends.
Vintage table antique restoration Milan
Low table in macassar shop Milan
Romeo Rega, low table with brass structure and double top in smoked glass.  Italiy, Rome, 1970's.
Carlo Hauner, rare low table with central support base 1960's
Small Gueridon coffee table in wood and woven rush.  Italy 1920s-30s.
Pair of 1940's bedside tables with double shelf, wooden structure and clear marble top.
Important low table by Vladimir Kagan. Usa 1955 ca.
Bar cabinet in rattan and woven staraw, wooden top and compartments for bottles and glasses.  Italian manufacture, around 1950.
Cesare Lacca, very elegant 1950's low table
Three  Swedish coffee tables, marked  Alberts L. 1950s.
Pair of wooden cylinder bedside tables with polished metal base.  Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Gio Ponti, 1950's pair of side tables in walnut with glass top.
Table with up and down mechanism, brass base and walnut wood top. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Pair of vintage small tables in wooden and mirrored glass, 1930s.
Pair of wooden tables threaded in maple wood.  Italy 1930s.
Paolo Buffa  Wooden coffee table with opal glass top and band with elegant wave motif, shaped legs.  Spartaco Brugnoli manufacture, 1940/50.