Paul McCobb  Set of 6 refined oak chairs.  Uk manufacture, 1950's.
Carlo de Carli (1910-1999)  Rare set of eight chairs model 634 designed by the architect, designer awarded with the Compasso d'Oro in 1954.
Marcello Piacentini (1881-1960)  Coffee table and two chairs in lacquered wood with satin metal details.  Excellent state of conservation.  Manufactured around 1930.
Gio Ponti  Set of 8 light model chairs in black stained wood with fabric covering.  Cassina manufacture 1954.
Enrico Ciuti, set of 6 elegant blond walnut chairs with open back and upholstered seat. Milan 1940's.
Paolo Buffa, set of six elegant dining chairs in walnut. Prod. Serafino Arrighi 1950's.
4 elegant chairs with armrests in turned walnut and seat and back in padded fabric, brass tips.  Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Paolo Buffa, set of six elegant dining chairs in walnut. Prod. Serafino Arrighi 1950's.
Gianni Vigorelli. Pair of stools in stained wood and brass. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Carlo de Carli, set of six cherry wood chairs model 585.  Designed for Gio Ponti's Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome in 1954, prod. Cassina.
Giuseppe Gibelli  Set of 4 chairs in ash and upholstered fabric.  Sormani Manufacture, 1963.
Paolo Buffa, set of four stunning 1940's high back chairs in light wood with original straw seat in very good condition.
Pair of walnut stools with gouged wooden feet.  Italian manufacture from the 1930s
Roland Rainer (1910-2004)  Set of 8 mid century modern stacking chairs model P7 in curved plywood. Manufacture Emil & Alfred Pollak, Vienna, 1952.
Set of 6 chairs in light wood with Vienna straw seat and back.  Italian manufacture around 1960.
Gian Franco Legler. Set of 8 curved rattan chairs with iron rod structure, 1960's
Melchiorre Bega (1898-1976)  Rare set of six wooden chairs with brass tips and fabric upholstery.  Italy, 1956
Pair of modernist wooden chairs.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Maurice Prè, set of eight 1950's chairs in light wood and fabric upholstery
Bench in teak wood. Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956)  Rare set of four chairs in curved polished wood and upholstered seat.  Manufactured by JJ.Kohn, Vienna, 1907.
Bench in cherry wood and brass tips. Officina Antiquaria production
Osvaldo Borsani, eight chairs with wooden structure and upholstered seat. Prod. ABV Arredamenti Borsani Varedo, Italy, 1950's.
Georges Coslin  Rare set of ten chairs in iron and fabric upholstery.  Faram production, Italy, 1950's.
Pair of P38 armchairs covered in fabric.  Manifacture, Borsani, Tecno 1950s.
Folding chair in iron with upholstered in black leather. Italian manufacture, 1970's.
Six chairs with wooden structure and seat and back in padded fabric.  Attribution Gio Ponti 1950s.
Very elegant bench with wooden frame and three uprights, seat in padded fabric. Attribution Gio Ponti, 1950ca.
Inger Klingemberg, rare set of 4 chairs Model 193 in wood with original seat upholstery fabric.  Prod. France & Daverkosen, 1960s.
vintage chairs
Melchiorre Bega, two chairs with padded seat, wooden structure and brass tips. Manufacture Bega & C., 1954.
Set of six chairs with straw seat in the style of Kaare Klint, Germany 1950's.
Set of six chairs in Oak with red fabric upholstery, France, 1950's.
Pair of chairs in turned and gilded wood with upholstered seat with original embroidered fabric.  Italy, early XX Century.
Two oak chairs with padded wooden seat and heart-shaped back.  French manufacture, 1950's.
6 chairs with ogive back, wooden frame and cotton upholstery. Italy 1960's.
Rare set of twelve refined dining chairs in walnu
Pair of Italian1930's chairs made of curved metal and seat and back with original upholstery.Prod.Cova Milano.
Pair of armchairs with iron structure and interweaving in rubber and rush wire.  Prod. Saporiti 1950s.
Rare and very refined antique armchair in walnut with guilded details. Tuscany, Lucca, epoque directoire, 1790ca.
Set of refined light Parigina chairs with staw seat, Flli Levaggi, Chiavari 1920's.
vintage dining chairs
Eugenio Gerli (1923-2013)  Rare set of 8 chairs with structure in rosewood, metal and steel details.  Tecno Manufacture 1960.
Paul Goldman, Cherner chair, 1957.
Pair of French 1950's children chairs.
Neogothic vintage armchair
Antique and vintage chairs
1960's  Vintage chromium chair
BBPR, two iron armchairs made for Olivetti. Italy, circa 1960.
Paolo Buffa (1903-1970)  2 elegant chairs with open backrest in Vienna straw and upholstered seat.  Serafino Arrighi production, around 1950.  Bibl. Furniture by Paolo Buffa
Carlo de Carli (1910 - 1999)  Set of six Model 158 chairs with upholstered seat and back.  Produced by Cassina, 1953-1954
set of 8 mahogany chairs with butterfly back and seat in upholstered fabric.  Ariberto Colombo Manufacture, Cantù, 1945.
Group of 9 chairs of Italian manufacture. Made of wood, with brass tips, 1950s.
Paolo Buffa, Four chairs with wooden support structure and fabric coverings.
Gio Ponti, pair of armchairs