Osvaldo Borsani (1911-1985)  Sofa covered in fabric with long turned wooden feet.  Manifactured by ABV.  Borsani, Varedo, 1950s.
Gio Ponti, pair of armchairs model 516 produced by Cassina in the 1950s.  Certificate from the Ponti archive available.
Federico Munari, pair of armchairs with sculptural shaped back.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Pair of cherry wood armchairs with ribbon motif on the sides. Seat and back in padded fabric.  Attribution Paolo Buffa 1930s.
Very elegant pair of armchairs upholstered in velvet.  Isa Manufactory, Bergamo, Italy, 1950's.
Osvaldo Borsani, Corner sofa upholstered in velvet with elegant patellation on the back.  ABV Arredamenti Borsani Varedo manufacture 1950s.
Augusto Bozzi, rare 1950's adjustable Armchair by Saporiti Italia
Pair of sculptural high back armchairs with velvet upholstery.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Stunning pair of Italian 1940's armchairs in wood with brass tips.
Paolo Buffa, extraordinary daybed in cherry wood 1940s
Carlo Rava, stunning pair of 1950's armchairs.
Pair of rationalist style armchairs upholstered in velvet.  Italian rationalism, 1930s.
Elegant two-seater sofa in wood and fabric.  Italy, epoque Charles X, around 1830.
Giuseppe Pagano, vintage armchairs designed for Bocconi University, 1938.
Very large and elegant sofa with a beautiful curved shape, Italy 1940's.
Paolo Buffa, rare 1940's pair of armchairs in cherry wood with upholstered seat and back.
Rare pair of armchairs with armrests in wood and Vienna straw.  Italian manufacture, 1940's.  Attr. Paolo Buffa.
Augusto Bozzi, pair of 1950's armchairs produced by Saporiti Italia.
Federico Munari, very elegant 1950's curved sofa with blue velvet upholstery.
Paolo Buffa, 1950's armchair with wooden structure and upholstered seat and backrest.
Paolo Buffa, pair of rare armchairs with ribbon motif in oak wood with upholstered fabric.
Gianfranco Frattini, daybed in exotic wood with upholstered cushions. Produced by Cassina, 1960's.
Cassina, rocking chair in wood with original seat, 1956.
Pair of elegant walnut armchairs upholstered in satin fabric, Italy 1950ca.
Original 1950's vintage armchairs
Pair of 1930's armchairs
Gio Ponti 1950's armchairs
Marco Zanuso, "Square". One sofa, a pair of armchairs and two stools, prod. Arflex 1962.
Gio Ponti, pair of stunning 1950's high back armchairs produced by Isa.
Gio Ponti, very rare and elegant pair of sofas, prod. Casa & Giardino 1935.
Elegant pair of 1940's armchairs.
Pair of art deco armchairs
1950's modernist sofa
Pair of italian 1940's beds
Gio Ponti, pair of adjustable armachairs in ash tree mod.829
1950's Original Italian vintage pair of armchairs
1930's armchairs and sofa original vintage
1960's Vintage sofa in leather
Pair of vintage armchairs
Elegant pair of fireplace seats in turned wood and upholstered fabric
Pair of 1930's club armchairs.
Paolo Buffa, pair of 1940's high back armchairs.
Original vintage armchair
Pair of vintage armchair
Thonet sofa in bent wood with straw seat, Vienna 1880's.
Vintage armchairs modern Milan
Federico Munari, splendid Italian 1950's curved sofa.
Paul Kjærholm Three Seater Sofa "PK 31/3".
Pair of vintage 1960's armchairs
Pair of vintage armchairs
Cleopatra daybed for Auping
1950's Vintage sofa
Original french vintage armchairs
Melchiorre Bega, nice and elegant small 1940's pair of upholstered side chairs.
Luigi Caccia Dominioni sofa for Azucena, Italy 1960
1959's Pair of Sanluca armchairs by Gavina
1960's armchair P40
Gio Ponti, 1950's original armchairs
Pair of 1950's armchairs
Beautiful pair of modernist 1950's Armchairs in the style of Gio Ponti.
Maurizio Tempestini, original sofa with wooden structure and upholstered fabric cover.
Dormeuse made of brass and upholstered velvet. Production I.S.A Bergamo 50s.
Jorgen holvelskov, rare pair of sculptural lounge chairs in teak wood and rope. Perfect conditions. Prod. Christiansen & Larsen, 1968.
Pair of stools in wood with upholstered seat in green velvet. Italy 1950's.
Gianni Saibene, pair of Italian 1950's organic armchairs with velvet upholstery. Bibl. Franco Grigioni Arredamento, Görlich Milano p.368.
Cesare Lacca. Pair of very rare 1950's italian, padded in satin, chairs.
Augusto Romano, armchair in wood with its original upholstery, Italy 1950's.
Melchiorre Bega, amazing set composed by a sofa and two armchairs, prod. Bega & C. Bologna 1940ca.
Gianfranco Frattini, pair of armchairs model 849, produced by Cassina, 1960's.
Hugues Steiner, pair of armchairs in oak wood. Prod.Steiner, France 1940's.
Bed in blond maple with padded fabric headboard and brass tips.  Produced by Cassina in 1957.
Stunning Italian 1940's sofa.