Armchair with iron structure and upholstered seat, armrests and backrest. Brass tips.  Studio BBPR, 1950s.
Pair of P38 armchairs covered in fabric.  Manifacture, Borsani, Tecno 1950s.
Carlo de Carli, set of six cherry wood chairs model 585.  Designed for Gio Ponti's Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome in 1954, prod. Cassina.
Pair of chairs in turned and gilded wood with upholstered seat with original embroidered fabric.  Italy, early XX Century.
Set of 6 unique Italian 1950s chairs with iron structure and rattan seat and back, 1950's.
Enrico Ciuti, set of 6 elegant blond walnut chairs with open back and upholstered seat. Milan 1940's.
Set of 8 dining chairs with seat and back in woven straw. Scandinavia, 1960's.
Carlo Rava, a refined group of six wooden chairs with velvet upholstered seat.
Pierre Gauriche, set of 6 "Amsterdam" dining chairs in shell-shaped wood. Prod. Steiner, France, 1950's.
Osvaldo Borsani, eight chairs with wooden structure and upholstered seat. Prod. ABV Arredamenti Borsani Varedo, Italy, 1950's.
Paolo Buffa, set of six elegant dining chairs in walnut. Prod. Serafino Arrighi 1950's.
Nils Jonsson, set of six 1960's chairs with wooden frame and fabric upholstery.
Melchiorre Bega, two chairs with padded seat, wooden structure and brass tips. Manufacture Bega & C., 1954.
Pair of Art Deco chairs with armrests. France, 1940's.
6 chairs with ogive back, wooden frame and cotton upholstery. Italy 1960's.
BBPR, two iron armchairs made for Olivetti. Italy, circa 1960.
Pair of Italian1930's chairs made of curved metal and seat and back with original upholstery.Prod.Cova Milano.
Set of six 1950's Italian chairs with nice brass tips.
Pair of armchairs with iron structure and interweaving in rubber and rush wire.  Prod. Saporiti 1950s.
Rare and very refined antique armchair in walnut with guilded details. Tuscany, Lucca, epoque directoire, 1790ca.
Paolo Buffa, pair of 1950's low chairs in Oak
Rare set of twelve refined dining chairs in walnu
Chiavari original vintage chairs
Pair of small stools in brass with upholstered seat, Italy 1950's.
Gio Ponti, nice set of six Leggera chairs in perfect original conditions
Carlo Ratti, set of six very nice 1950's chairs in wood and metal.
Set of six chairs with straw seat in the style of Kaare Klint, Germany 1950's.
set of six Italian 1950's high back dining chairs in bronze
Set of refined light Parigina chairs with staw seat, Flli Levaggi, Chiavari 1920's.
vintage dining chairs
vintage chairs
Paul Goldman, Cherner chair, 1957.
Set of six chairs in Oak with red fabric upholstery, France, 1950's.
Pair of French 1950's children chairs.
Neogothic vintage armchair
Antique and vintage chairs
1960's  Vintage chromium chair
Paolo Buffa, Four chairs with wooden support structure and fabric coverings.
Mezzadro seating couple with support structure in steel, lacquered metal and wood.
Gio Ponti, pair of armchairs
Elegant group of six cherry wood chairs with upholstered seat
CH30 chairs in oak designed by Hans Wegner
Carlo De Carli 1940's chairs
Group of 10 spectacular chairs in walnut and flaming cloth, Italy 1950ca.
Ico Parisi, rare set of 1950's chairs
Paolo Buffa 1950's chairs
Mid century chair
Carlo de Carli and Gio Ponti pair of chair 1955
vintage furniture
paolo buffa vintage chairs
Koloman Moser, set of four rare chairs produced by Thonet, Austria, 1900ca.
Gianfranco Legler, Italian rare set of chairs with metal base and rattan seat, designed in 1951.
Enrico Ciuti, two 1950's chairs in light wood with upholstered seat and back.
Elegant group of 6 chairs in cherry wood, with satin seat and back, 1950s.
Group of six chairs in walnut wood with upholstered fabric seat
Gio Ponti, unique pair of armchairs in solid wood with seat and back upholstered with original leather, prod.Cassina 1950's.
Gio Ponti, 4 chairs model 111 in stained wood and upholstered fabric
danish vintage chairs
Group of 9 chairs of Italian manufacture. Made of wood, with brass tips, 1950s.
Pair of rationalist style armchairs upholstered in velvet.  Italian rationalism, 1930s.
Elegant two-seater sofa in wood and fabric.  Italy, epoque Charles X, around 1830.
Pair of 1950's armchairs with original padding in vegetable fibers. Produced by Cassina.
Very large and elegant sofa with a beautiful curved shape, Italy 1940's.
Stunning pair of Italian 1940's armchairs in wood with brass tips.
Paolo Buffa, rare 1940's pair of armchairs in cherry wood with upholstered seat and back.
Paolo Buffa, extraordinary daybed with wooden structure and upholstered seat. Produced by Serafino Arrighi, 1940's.
Augusto Bozzi, pair of 1950's armchairs produced by Saporiti Italia.
Federico Munari, very elegant 1950's curved sofa with blue velvet upholstery.
Hugues Steiner, pair of armchairs in oak wood. Prod.Steiner, France 1940's.
Paolo Buffa, 1950's armchair with wooden structure and upholstered seat and backrest.
Carlo Rava, stunning pair of 1950's armchairs.
Paolo Buffa, pair of rare armchairs with ribbon motif in oak wood with upholstered fabric.
Gianfranco Frattini, daybed in exotic wood with upholstered cushions. Produced by Cassina, 1960's.
Bed in blond maple with padded fabric headboard and brass tips.  Produced by Cassina in 1957.
Cassina, rocking chair in wood with original seat, 1956.
Gianfranco Frattini, pair of armchairs model 849, produced by Cassina, 1960's.
Pair of elegant walnut armchairs upholstered in satin fabric, Italy 1950ca.
Original 1950's vintage armchairs
Cesare Lacca. Pair of very rare 1950's italian, padded in satin, chairs.
Giuseppe Pagano, vintage armchairs designed for Bocconi University, 1938.
Augusto Romano, armchair in wood with its original upholstery, Italy 1950's.
Gio Ponti 1950's armchairs
Stunning Italian 1940's sofa.
Augusto Bozzi, rare 1950's adjustable Armchair by Saporiti Italia
Unique armchair in rattan with custom made reading lamp, prod, Bonacina 1950's.
Marco Zanuso, "Square". One sofa, a pair of armchairs and two stools, prod. Arflex 1962.
Gio Ponti, pair of stunning 1950's high back armchairs produced by Isa.
Gio Ponti, very rare and elegant pair of sofas, prod. Casa & Giardino 1935.
Elegant pair of 1940's armchairs.
Pair of art deco armchairs
1950's modernist sofa
Pair of italian 1940's beds
Gio Ponti, pair of adjustable armachairs in ash tree mod.829
1950's Original Italian vintage pair of armchairs
1930's armchairs and sofa original vintage
1960's Vintage sofa in leather
Pair of vintage armchairs
Elegant pair of fireplace seats in turned wood and upholstered fabric
Pair of 1930's club armchairs.
Paolo Buffa, pair of 1940's high back armchairs.
Original Safari vintage chair
Original vintage armchair
Pair of vintage armchair
Thonet sofa in bent wood with straw seat, Vienna 1880's.
Vintage armchairs modern Milan
Federico Munari, splendid Italian 1950's curved sofa.
Paul Kjærholm Three Seater Sofa "PK 31/3".
Pair of vintage 1960's armchairs
Pair of vintage armchairs
Cleopatra daybed for Auping
1950's Vintage sofa
Original french vintage armchairs
Melchiorre Bega, nice and elegant small 1940's pair of upholstered side chairs.
Gio Ponti vintage sofa
Luigi Caccia Dominioni sofa for Azucena, Italy 1960
1959's Pair of Sanluca armchairs by Gavina
lmari Tapiovaara, pair of refined armchairs in light wood, Finland, 1950's.
1960's armchair P40
Gio Ponti, 1950's original armchairs
Pair of velvet armchairs, 1950's Italy.
1950's set of armchars and sofa
Pair of 1950's armchairs
Pair of 1930's armchairs
Beautiful pair of modernist 1950's Armchairs in the style of Gio Ponti.
Beautiful French 1930's armchair in oak with adjustable back.
Maurizio Tempestini, original sofa with wooden structure and upholstered fabric cover.
Dormeuse made of brass and upholstered velvet. Production I.S.A Bergamo 50s.
Jorgen holvelskov, rare pair of sculptural lounge chairs in teak wood and rope. Perfect conditions. Prod. Christiansen & Larsen, 1968.
Vintage daybed
Pair of stools in wood with upholstered seat in green velvet. Italy 1950's.
Vintage daybed modern furniture Milan
1960's Vintage chair
Gianni Saibene, pair of Italian 1950's organic armchairs with velvet upholstery. Bibl. Franco Grigioni Arredamento, Görlich Milano p.368.
Melchiorre Bega, two armchairs padded in down and upholstered in petrol blue velvet. Prod. FFB. Bologna, Italy, 1940’s.
Melchiorre Bega, amazing set composed by a sofa and two armchairs, prod. Bega & C. Bologna 1940ca.
Storage unit in blond wood with doors and drawers.  Italy, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti, small cabinet with drawers with front decorated with Middle Eastern architectural patterns. Wooden base with brass tips and ash sides.  Signed Piero Fornasetti, 1950's.
Ico Parisi, high cabinet with three central flap compartments and ribbed wood doors.
Gio Ponti, light walnut cabinet 1950's.
Elegant 1950's sideboard with drawers and sliding panels upholstered in leather.
Small storage unit in light oak with ribbed wood front.  Italiy 1950s.
Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova, 1960's chest of drawers in painted wood.
Italian 1930's cabinet with nice inlaid wood on his front doors and carved handles in bown. Rare example belonging to the "Italian rationalism" movement.
Splendid Italian 1960's sideboard in exotic wood with doors and drawers on both sides,
Four-door wardrobe in blond maplewood, Produced by Cassina, 1957.
1950s wall bookcase in lacquered metal with height-adjustable shelves in wood and brass, 1950's.
Pair of sideboards with wooden frame, Italy 1950ca.
Unique chest of drawers in maple wood with grinded front drawers, very nice handles and fine-grained marble top. Prod. Cassina, 1957.
Pair of Cassina bedside tables in maple wood and marble, 1957.
Edoardo Gellner, unique 1950's small library with two original light green lights in brass and metal.
Franco Campo and Carlo Graffi for Home. 1960s bookcase in painted metal and wood shelves. This item was designed for the bookshop "Libreria Moderna" in Turin, Italy.
Ultra-functional office or smart-working cabinet in oak wood with various compartments, drawers and a pull-out writing desk. Italiy 1960's.
Column in fluted walnut with door and top in marble.  Italian manufacture, late Empire period, around 1830s.
1950's Vintage sideboard
Italian 1930's bar cabinet in ligh maple wood with original mirrors and glass shelves.
Osvaldo Borsani, high quality sideboard in grinded convex wood and brass.  Italy 1945.
Italian sideboard with grinded concave front and very elegant thin long legs, attr to Guglielmo Ulrich 1950's.
French 1950's chest of drawers in oak.
Antique secretair cabinet
Stunning corner desk with newspaper holder, bar and shelves.
Pair of modular bookcases in beech wood
Italian Louis XVI chest of drawers
1940's Vintage macassar cupboard
pair of sideboards with bar, various drawers and top in green marble, Italy,
1950's vintage bar cabinet
Sideboard in light roosewood, Italy 1960's.
Mid century Italian Bookcase
1950's Vintage bookshelve in teak
Pair of 1950's italian side tables
1940's Italian vintage chest of drawers
Gio Ponti, elegant chest of drawers, 1936.
Pair of Italian 1950's unique sideboards in cherry wood.
Italian 1950's sideboard in light oak.
Italian 1950's sideboard in light walnut with five drawers, a nice desk and a bar cabinet.
Gio Ponti, elegant sideboard with four doors,1936.
Gianfranco Frattini, rare sideboard in macassar wood, prod.Bernini 1957.
1940's sideboard vintage gallery Milan
Swedish vintage sideboard Shop Milan
Vintage design desk furniture Milan
1950's Italian original bookcase in teak
Rare pair of 1830's North Italian chest of drawers in walnut
Bookcase in wood, lacquered wood and glass
1940's vintage highboard
Highboard in light oak wood, France 1920's.
Italian 1970's chest of drawers with geometric inlays.
Paolo Buffa, very elegant 1940's sideboard in light walnut, designed for a private family with high quality materials and details.
Osvaldo Borsani for Arredamenti Borsani & C.Varedo, 1950s cabinet in rosewood.
Melchiorre Bega, black lacquered wooden table with three-spoke shaped brass base.  Manufacture Bega & C. Bologna, Italy 1950s.
Osvaldo Borsani, walnut dining table Borsani Varedo, 1940s.
Ico Parisi, large table in blond walnut.  Prod. M.I.M. 1960s.
Dining table with lacquered metal base and wooden top.  Italian manufacture, 1960's.
Osvaldo Borsani, splendid round table with extensions, specially produced on commission for a private residence in Milan, 1940's.
Melchiorre Bega, stunning 1950's round table in macassar wood with a splendid bronze tripod base.
Guglielmo Ulrich, very elegant 1940's round center table in mahogany with bronze tips and a stunning green marble top.
Vittorio Dassi, unique 1940's dining table with a very nice mahogany oval column and green "Verde Alpi"marble base. Splendid top with geometrical inlays in maple wood.
Ico Parisi, sculptural 1950's round dining table in walnut with veneered top.
1960s extendable mahogany table with metal and brass structure.
Elegant round table in rosewood, metal and glass. Italian manufacture, 1970's.
Gianni Vigorelli round table in wood and thick glass, 1950s.
Osvaldo Borsani, oval table in cherry wood with nice central base with helical shape, 1950s.
Borsani Varedo, splendid 1940's dining table with crystal glass and mirror top.
Ignazio Gradella, table mod.T2.  Top in wood, structure in enamelled metal and brass detail
Paolo Buffa, 1950's  table in cherry wood
Carlo Scarpa, very elegant dining table in wood and marble. Italy 1970.
Luigi Massoni, elegant round table "Clessidra" model for furniture. Walnut wood, Italy 1959.
Vittorio Dassi, very elegant 1940's dining table with marble base.
Italian 1960's round table, with a nice chromium plated base and wooden top.
1950's Ico parisi vintage dining table
Osvaldo Borsani, rare 1950's game table designed and produced in a very few examples by Arredamenti Borsani.
Center table in ebonized wood with thin turned legs and shaped top, brass profiles. France, 1870-1900.
Stunning oval table designed and custom made by Officina Antiquaria.
1960's Italian Pair of modern tables
1950's elegant dining table
Italian 1950's dining table in teak wood
Original Italian vintage table
Antique table in light blue painted wood.  Austria, 1850's.
Italian 1950's oval table in maple wood with nice thin legs in the style of Ico Parisi.
1950's stunning vintage dining table
1940's Italia dining table
Franco Campo & Carlo Graffi, table in macassar.
1950's dining table with a splendid octagonal base attributed to Carlo de Carli.
Italian 1950's elegant table in light walnut with crossed base.
Osvaldo Borsani, elegant 1940's round table in cherry wood with very nice caevings and details.
Rare dining table by Ico parisi
Vintage large table in teak
Italian 1950's round dining table with nice crossed legs and opaline glass top.
Elegant 1950s round table in ebonized wood and opaline glass
McGuire, 70s dining table made of bamboo with crystal top.
Round dining table in light wood with central column ending with a bronze crossed base, Italy 1950's. Italy, 1950's.
Melchiorre Bega, coffee table with four-star brass base, turned wood frame and marble top.  Bega & C. Bologna, Italy 1950s.
Pair of wooden tables threaded in maple wood.  Italy 1930s.
Luigi Brusotti (1877-1959)  Low table in wrought iron with thick shaped glass top.  Milan, 1950s.
Small Gueridon coffee table in wood and woven rush.  Italy 1920s-30s.
Three coffee tables with base in copper rod and wooden top with small wooden spheres at the base.  Marked under the top, Alberts L. Sweden 1950s.
Coffee table in brass with rotating elements and original glass top. Italy 1970's.
Pair of wooden bedside tables with glass top and brass tips. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Piero fornasetti, 1960's low table with decorated top.
Splendid pair of 1950's Italian side tables with nice elegant legs and  thin brass tips. Black Marquinia marble top. Attr. Carlo Rava, Milano.
Pair of 1940's bedside tables with double shelf, wooden structure and clear marble top.
Gio Ponti, 1950's pair of side tables in walnut with glass top.
Osvaldo Borsani, pair of 1950's wall mount bedside tables.
Pier Luigi Colli, 1930's coffee table in elm wood with inlays on the legs and top with a delicate wave pattern.
Pair of coffee tables in wood and glass, attr. Osvaldo Borsani, 1950's.
Ico Parisi, low table with asymmetrical wood structure in rosewood and a thick crystal glass top. Prod. Cassina 1962.
Nice Italian-made coffee table made of wood and lacquered metal, 1950s.
Italian 1950's trolley in walnut with brass details and crystal glass shelves.
Ilmari Tapiovaara, low table in teak wood and brass details. Production by La Permanente Mobili, Cantù, 1957.
Ico Parisi, side tables model "360", produced by De Baggis Cantù, 1954.
Elegant Italian 1950's trolley in mohogany.
Elegant low table with wooden frame and fine marble top. Italy, 1950ca.
Coffee table in solid wood, Denemark 1950's.
Pair of vintage small tables in wooden and mirrored glass, 1930s.
Very elegant small coffee table in macassar wood with a nice brass cross on bottom, Italy 1950's.
Pair of 1970's Italian coffee tables in bamboo with top in "Travertino" stone.
Ico Parisi, 1950's coffee table in mahogany with brass details and glass top.
Pair of brass and wood bedside tables with marble tops.  Italy, 1920s / 1930s.
Carlo de Carli, Renato G. Angeli, and Luigi Claudio Olivieri, "Ragno" coffee table in beechwood and glass, Italy, 1950's. 
Melchiorre Bega, rare coffee table with legs made of turned wood and brass cross, crystal top
Edoardo Gellner, unique 1950's small library with two original light green lights in brass and metal.
Osvaldo Borsani, small table with wooden structure and marble top, Italy 1950
1950's coffee table in mahogany
Italian 1930's  coffee table with six brass legs and with allegorical inlay on the top.
Elegant table with support in wood and aniline-stained wood and glass top.
Coffee table with metal with nice Cuban mahogany top.  Saporiti Italia, 1960's.
Pair of low tables with satin black metal structure, glass top resting on a brass frame.
Paolo Buffa, 1950's pair of bed tables with glass top and bronze tips and one drawer inside.
Italian 1950's elegant coffee table,with fine elegant bronze tips and marble top.
Italian 1950's coffee table with a nice triangular base.
Pair of 1950's coffee tables Attr. George Nelson, Usa.
Antique 19th century table
Vintage Coffee table shopping Milan
Luigi Caccia Dominioni 1970's Pair of vintage tables
1960's pair of original italian coffee table in brass
Original Italian Vintage coffee table
Italian 1960's low table in macassar wood
Table in macassar shopping Milan
Tables in mdf furniture design shop Milan
Vintage table antique restoration Milan
Italian 1950's Coffee table in mahogany and crystal. By Paolo Buffa.
Mario Gottardi, stunning mid century low table in cherry wood with glass top and details in bronze, Italy 1950's.
Important low table by Vladimir Kagan. Usa 1955 ca.
Cesare Lacca, very elegant 1950's low table
Low table in macassar shop Milan
1950's Vintage side table interior design Milan
Tavolino anni 50 con vetro dipinto Ico Parisi
Vintage low table by Romeo Rega
Table in tek with metal chromed legs, Italy 1970's.
Set of four vintage tables by Josef Hoffmann
Beautiful two-tiered mahogany coffee table with magazine rack
Pair of maple wood bedside tables
Ettore Sottsass, rare low table in wood and metalwork, prod.Poltronova 1957.
Melchiorre Bega, coffee table designed for a private property in 1955.
1950's Vintage coffee table shopping Milan
1950's Vintage trolley in wood
1950's Gio Ponti vintage low table
Elegant 1950's vintage trolley Gallery Milan
Pair of low tables with glass top.
Pair of wooden bedside tables with glass shelf, Italy 1950
Coffee table in teak wood and painted metal supports, Italy 196
1950's Italian coffee table in wood
Art deco coffee table with beautiful rosewood top
1950's Little side table in the style of Gio Ponti
Ico Parisi, coffee table model 735 produced by Figli di Amedeo Cassina, 1956.
1950's Gio Ponti coffee table prod. by Cristal Art
Set of three coffee tables,1970's.
Giuseppe Pagano, Italian 1940's coffee table with crystal glass top and a wooden shleve on bottom.
Romeo Rega, low table with brass structure and double top in smoked glass.  Italiy, Rome, 1970's.
Carlo Hauner, rare low table with central support base 1960's
Small desk with chair in oak and chair in oak and curved plywood.  Italy 1950s.
Modernist 1950's desk with side drawers, brass tips and glass top.
Mid century Italian writing table
1950's Original Ico Parisi set in perfect conditions
Stèphan Boudin, Maison Jansen, writing desk in wood and lacquered metal with tasteful references to "Retour d'Egypte".
Gio Ponti, executive desk Designed in 1952 for V.B.
Josef Hoffmann writing table produced by Thonet 1906
Pierre Paulin, writing table with metal structure, France 1962.
Giò Ponti, three drawers walnut desk with brass tips
Ico Parisi, 1960's writing table in macassar wood
1950's desk Gio Ponti De Carli shop Milan
1950's Italian desk with beautiful shape
1950's Italian writing table
Giò Ponti, desk with wooden structure and brass tips, original brand BNL
Stunning 1950's desk table in cherry wood
French elegant 1930's desk in zebrano wood and parchment details.
Italian elegant and curved 1950's desk in walnut and maplewood with five drawers and brass tips.
Elegant console table with thin legs in blond walnut and long brass tips. Central drawer and top in black opaline glass.  Italian manufacture, 1950s.
Modernist console table in steel and wood with one drawer.  France, 1935.
Osvaldo Borsani, console table model 7103 Prod. ABV for Casa Schuela, 1949.
Elegant console table in stained wood with crystal glass top. Italy, 1950s
Elegant Console table with thin legs in stained wood and long brass tips. Central drawer and top in ivory opaline glass.  1950's Italian manufacture.
Piero Portaluppi, 1950's sculptural console table with black opaline glass top.
Console table with wooden structure, metal supports and irregular-shaped marble top. Italian manufacture, 1950's.
Vittorio Dassi, Italian 1940's console table in rosewood and boxwood with three drawers on front and marble top.
Fabrizio Clerici, rara console in palissandro con fronte in ferro battuto e  laccato, piano in cristallo, 1950ca.
Osvaldo Borsani, elegant table / console in lacquered wood, with glass top and brass structure. Manufactured by Arredamenti Borsani, Italy 1940ca.
Elegant Italian 1950s console table in maple wood, in the style of Gio Ponti.
Italian manufacture, cherry wood console with two drawers and glass top.
Italian 1970's console table in wood carved in bamboo shape, shelves in wood and Vienna straw.
Italian 1960's hanging console table in rosewood with a nice shaped and thick crystal glass.
Pair of 1970's French bronze console tables
1950's console table in light wood.
Pair of Italian vintage consoles
Luis XVI console table in painted thin carved wood, France 1770's.
Paolo Buffa, rare and elegant 1940's console table
1950's refined console table in light wood with two drawers and crystal glass top in the style of Ico Parisi.
1970's Pair of vintage consoles in brass
Ico Parisi, Italian 1950's console table in cherry wood
Gigi Radice, very refined 1960's console table
Italian 1950's console table in perfect conditions.
Refined console with marble top in perfect conditions, Attr. Arch. Giovanni Greppi, Italy 1940ca.
Guglielmo Ulrich, pair of very elegant console tables designed for a private property. Casa Guazzoni, Vicenza, 1954.
Beech wood console with drawer. Italy, 1950ca.
Paolo Buffa, very elegant console table in Oak with a beautiful marble top. Prod. Arrigo Serafini, 1940's.
Small Gueridon coffee table in wood and woven rush.  Italy 1920s-30s.
Pair of armchairs with iron structure and interweaving in rubber and rush wire.  Prod. Saporiti 1950s.
Pair of nice curved rattan chairs with metal legs, Italy1950's.
Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol, pair of armchairs in lacquered rattan with metal supports. Prod. Edition Rougier, Holland, 1950ca.
Two-seater sofa with matching coffee table in rattan and straw,Italy 1950's.
Splendid pair of armchairs with two stools in perfect conditions, Italy 1950's.
Unique armchair in rattan with custom made reading lamp, prod, Bonacina 1950's.
Pair of nice 1950's armchairs in rattan with coffee table.
Food trolley in rush and rattan, Italy 1960's.
Hanging rocking chair in rattan, 1960's.
1960's Original Vintage armchairs and table in bamboo
Tito Agnoli for Bonacina, 1960's blue rattan recliner in perfect conditions.
Pair of garden chairs upholstered in a red cotton, Italy 1950's.
"Margherita" armchair by Franco Albini, 1954.
Vintage original Set of armchairs and table in bamboo
Pair of armchairs and sofa in rattan in perfect conditions, Italy 1960's.